Piin. The Bar

An animated story for 'Piin'. ‘Piin’ is a social networking app, created to help you connect with like-minded people in the places you love to hang out. Real people, real connections, in the real world.

Short version

Piin. The Gym

‘Piin’ allows you to check in to your favourite hangouts - from coffee shops, bars, sports events, gyms to museums and airports to discover people who want to meet-up right away.

Short version

‘Piin’ uses your smartphone’s built-in GPS, in combination with Google Places, to enable local search and discovery of like-minded people in places around you.


Piin. London

Piin. Paris


Piin App Ltd

Creative Director
Danielle Dodoo

Danielle Dodoo, Eugene Borodulin

Illustration & Animation
Timid Kiddom team

Motion Direction
Eugene Borodulin