TuxCare. AlmaLinux: AlmaCare in the Sky

This Hayao Miyazaki (manga) style animatic (incomplete animation) was commissioned to us by TuxCare to promote their AlmaCare support service for the AlmaLinux distribution.

TuxCare provides a set of services to automate, simplify and enhance enterprise Linux operations. You can reduce the management tasks and patch delay risks with live patching, completely bypassing the need for complex service migration orchestration even when you have high availability in place.

Live Patching Services - no more service interruptions because a new CVE came out.
Extended Lifecycle Support Services - You should decide when it’s time to update your systems, not your vendors.
Linux Support Services - Get reasonably-priced patches, updates, and 24/7 incident support for your current version of Linux systems.

Still Frames



Creative Director
DeShea Witcher

Jim Jackson,
Eugene Borodulin

Motion Direction
Eugene Borodulin

Claudia Cejas

Illustration & Animation
Timid Kiddom Team