Representatives of a Pittsburgh-based pioneering learning platform for working learners called BloomBoard commissioned us to create an explanatory animation, a kind of promotional video with a simple, neat style and a warm, lamp/tube atmosphere.

The choice was flat vector graphics where the main objects are created with fill and the secondary objects - with outline only. This combination allows to unloading of the scene and gives it a lightness due to the large amount of air provided by outline shapes.

Regarding the animation, the moderate dynamics and calm flow of the narrative are achieved by animating only base 'choreography' and gestures and avoiding the elaboration of excessive fussiness of the full action.

BloomBoard is a talent development provider that enables K-12 school districts to grow, advance, and retain educators by making professional education a benefit of employment. They offer turnkey programs for school districts to move educators forward at all points of their professional journey. The platform connects districts to higher education institutions that offer apprenticeship, certification, and degree programs using a unique on-the-job instructional model. The BloomBoard team helps to assess needs, build and implement plans, and celebrate educator success.

Still Frames


Vanessa’s daydreaming.

Omar’s dreams.

School hallway.


BloomBoard’s Formula.



Erin Wilkey

Casey Couser

Art Director
Eugene Borodulin

Illustration and Animation
Timid Kiddom Team