Better Place Forests. How it works

Better Place Forests – a San Francisco-based start-up that offers a natural alternative to cemeteries – has commissioned us to produce a series of videos with a unique artistic and narrative aesthetic.

The artistic basis of the video is a flat vector illustration. The entire volume of the objects is given by the effect of noise, which was drawn and applied to the illustrations by the layer structure – for the shadows and highlights separately. Next, all of the constituent elements of the illustration were arranged along the Z-axis (up to 50 metres) in three dimensions, and the wide-angle camera with depth of field enabled was set up (controlled by scripts). The ground area is 100% projection. Then all the events were animated and post effects of cloud shadows, wind fluctuations, pollen... and other details were added.

The narrative of this video is based on the idea of using forests to bury the ashes of people who have passed away. The end of life experience can now include inspiring locations and reflect the beauty of everyone's story. You can return your ashes to the earth beneath a memorial tree your family and friends can visit for years to come.

The first video in the series – ‘How it works’.

Still Frames





Better Place Forests

Creative Director
Ryan Littrell
Lindy Kae

Motion Direction
Eugene Borodulin

Brad Milne
Lindy Kae
Eugene Borodulin

Co-creative Team
Amanda Anderson
Eleanor Hooker

Lindy Kae

Illustration & Animation
Timid Kiddom team

Sound works