Mr Harvey. Trivial Round

This is the story about Mr Harvey, who spend his lifetime going to work day by day and nothing happens to him. Probably not going to happen ever. He keeps on communicating with people he doesn't like, avoiding all eye contact. Every happy emotion is faked. It’s all about the money. Payday. He has never seemed happier. He rejoices like a child to artificial recognition and flattering awards. He compensates the shame with pride and vanity. Whatever bad stuff has happened to him, he's always frightened to admit he's wrong. Your loss is his gain.

The story has been made using some short samples of different actions we've produced for our client from the Netherlands. This gonna be an original online kit of short animated pieces you can create your own story with.

Mr Harvey. Split Emotion

This is the short set of Mr Harvey's emotions. B-side. Taken from the story about Mr Harvey, who is spending his lifetime going to work day by day and nothing happens to him. The main story will come soon.

"Emotionally unstable personality disorder is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by unstable relationships with other people, unstable sense of self, and unstable emotions. There is often an extreme fear of abandonment, frequent dangerous behavior, a feeling of emptiness and self-harm."


Illustration & Animation
Timid Kiddom team

Art Direction
Eugene Borodulin

Sound Design
Eugene Borodulin



Kjeld van Kippersluis