Snappy Santa. Arrival

A short compilation of the animated season’s greetings we’ve made for Viddioo, the Netherlands.

  1. ‘An ungulate gift’.
  2. 'Delivery'.
  3. 'Fall out'.
  4. ‘The coniferous stumbling’.
  5. ‘The horned treat’.
  6. ‘Before departure’.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Still Frames


Snappy Santa. Street Dancer

This is a short series of dance moves performed by Santa we’ve made for Viddioo, Netherlands. Santa is actively practicing different types of dancing in the various cities of the world: London, Paris, New York and Amsterdam.

Still Frames



Creanimate, Viddioo

Creative Director
Kjeld van Kippersluis

Kjeld van Kippersluis, Eugene Borodulin

Illustration & Animation
Timid Kiddom team

Motion Direction
Eugene Borodulin